Cave Coin: The Currency of Caveworld

3 min readMar 22, 2022


Placed into circulation in 2021, CAVE coins feature King Caveman on the front and Caveworld’s Logo Icon on the back.

With Crypto Cavemen and Partner NFTs providing an easy and exciting way to access the Caveworld universe, $CAVE Coin will give players the ultimate opportunity to customize and interact with all that Caveworld has to offer. In this article, we will discuss why $CAVE is essential for all players to have and why it will play a key role in the Caveworld economy. (Note: The statements and opinions within this piece are not financial advice, and as with everything crypto-related, do your due diligence.)

Utility & Use Case

Crafting & Upgrading

Perhaps the most exciting utility for $CAVE comes with crafting. As players get dropped weapons during gameplay, for example, they will have the option to combine select weapons and craft them into a weapon of higher rarity. However, players will also have to burn $CAVE each time they craft. The more rare of a weapon that they are trying to craft, the more $CAVE they will have to give up! This is explained with a more detail in the original whitepaper, viewable here! It’s worth noting that any burned coins will be recycled into our instant-sell marketplace, where players can immediately sell their items for a discounted set value, if desired.

In-Game Marketplace Transactions

Next, within Caveworld, every armor, weapon, and item purchase/sale will be denominated in $CAVE. If players don’t have enough $CAVE to make a transaction, or would like to exchange other tokens for it, they will be able to easily access their wallets and exchanges to make that happen. Although in-game transactions will not affect external markets for $CAVE, the unwavering necessity for players to use and spend it will provide substantial levels of liquidity on the exchanges it trades on.

Chestboxes & Rewards

Another exciting utility comes from Chestboxes. These boxes will be filled with exciting Cavemen goodies that could span from item accessories (like dyes or upgrades) to special effects that can be used in battle. Likely a seasonal program, these Chestboxes will be purchasable exclusively $CAVE, which means if players don’t want to miss out on exciting items, they’ll need to have earned or purchased plenty of coins! One way players will be able to earn coins will be through rewards, which, as described in our earlier articles, come from selling items earned during gameplay.

Cavemen Marketplace

Finally, in tandem with our in-game marketplace, Crypto Cavemen NFTs will eventually be available for $CAVE, which will ultimately allow all of the entire Caveworld Economy to work as one.

$CAVE Purchasing Information

To track our market cap, circulating supply, price action, and other key metrics, visit our CoinGecko page! Then, for those who want to purchase $CAVE, our two favorite exchanges are as follows: Raydium (CAVE-USDC), MEXC (CAVE-USDT).

Join the Community

As Caveworld production continues and the game nears completion, join our Discord community to interact with future players and holders ( For information on how to purchase a Crypto Caveman NFT, or additional information about how to purchase CAVE coin, visit our Linktree (!





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