Caveworld Progress Update #4

6 min readJun 21, 2022


Dear fellow Cavemen,

Welcome to the fourth, of many, Caveworld development updates! As our game comes closer and closer to release, things are truly shaping up and looking awesome. Although the crypto market isn’t what we all hoped it would be at this point, we know that gamers (and you all) will love what we’re creating. Let’s jump into it!

New Team Members!

As many of you know, we have continued to hire additional artists and developers as Caveworld has progressed. Our team is OVER 20 strong and we’ve even ramped up hiring during this market! We’re excited to announce that in the past few weeks we brought on a Server Developer for Unreal Engine and an additional UI Illustration Artist! New UI assets are being made and finished everyday now, so we’ll be sharing lots of new art as the weeks progress! You can see some sneak peeks a bit further down in this update.

Weapon Updates

Most of our awesome Discord members have seen new assets as they morph from works-in-progress to finished pieces! Lately, the 3D Modeling Team has ramped up production and are killing it with weapons like the Furry Dagger, Iron Sword, Megalodon Tooth Spear, Turtle Mace, Crab Claw, and more. Remember, each of these assets goes through dozens of iterations prior to being finalized and given the “ok” by Art Director Gaarzen! We can’t wait to show you all even more weapons later on!

Some weapons recently finished by the team!

Here are some Caveworld Weapons still in the texturing and modeling phase:

Early Work-In-Progress photos of the Bone Spear (Left) and Crocodile Blade (Right)!
Additional Work-In-Progress photos of the Fishbone Bow (Left) and Bear Claw Gauntlets (Right)

Armor Updates

As we like to mention during every update, armors are still being cranked out like there's no tomorrow! The Crocodile and Palm Tree Sets are close to completion and should be posted in their final forms very soon!

Sneak peeks at our new Crocodile Set (Left) and Palm Tree Set (Right)

2D Assets For UI

If you recall, we’ve previously mentioned how we must create scalable 2D versions of every single 3D item in Caveworld. This will be used to represent your items in locations like player inventories! Since our last update, the team (which has added a new hire) has mastered the art of mass production for these assets. We now have dozens of beautiful and detailed versions of our (already beautiful and detailed) in-game assets, and have many more in the works!

The 2D Versions of the Wood Armor Set (Left), Forest Armor Set (Middle), and Iron Armor Set (Right)!
The 2D Versions of the Turtle Armor Set (Left), Shark Armor Set (Middle), and Rock Armor Set (Right)!


Our arena gets more and more beautiful as we progress through development! From a simple model to a fully textured environment, it’s come a long way! The most recent updates come in the form of ground texturing and the creation of tons of small assets to fill the cave! These additional wood bridges, stones, torches, and other small items make this place feel real and immersive, and will give all of our players the true feeling of fighting as a neanderthal, thousands of years ago!

Also, we’ve begun development on obstacle items that will litter the arena ground! These creative obstacles will help do things like slow down your opponents and create barriers during battle. There are dozens of these items planned and we can’t wait to show you once they’re complete!

An example of the arena ground scattered with obstacles!

Weight Painting

Perhaps one of the coolest developments has come from the animations and weighting of our in-game items. As you have seen this past week on Twitter, our armors are beginning to fit on our caveman in a way like never before! This process, completed by our beloved artist Sayyfan, means that assets will now fit our custom Caveman Animation Rig and move during battle without overlapping the various textures.

Here is a small showcase of a couple of finalized assets!

Concept Design - Weapons!

While finalizing our categorization of weapons and their design, we are also developing new mechanics. Our newest, and most exciting, one to announce is the addition of Dual Wielding! This mechanic is quite self explanatory, but will allow players to wield two weapons simultaneously!

As we’ve previously discussed things like armors, experience, and consumables, we’d like to take a deeper look at weapons and how they work!

Firstly, all weapons have two primary stats: damage and attack speed, and other secondary stats like accuracy, piercing, blocking, and more.


There are three options for equipping your hands with weapons and items for battle:

Option 1) One 1-handed weapon and one shield.

Option 2) One 2-handed weapon (occupies both hands, so you cannot equip a shield).

Option 3) Dual wielding: Two 1-handed weapons, same or different (occupies both hands, so you cannot equip a shield).

Note: Melee weapons can be equipped by all classes, whilst Ranged weapons can only be equipped by the Ranger class. To learn more about battling and classes, visit out Caveworld: How it Works article!


Cavemen gain additional damage stats by equipping weapons. Damage is the basic stat for every weapon and is added to the base damage of your character. 1-handed weapons give less damage in comparison to 2-handed weapons of the same rarity. If you are dual wielding 1-handed weapons, you will get the damage added up from both weapons!

Attack Speed

Weapons have SIX different attack speeds: very slow, slow, normal, fast, very fast, and OOGA FAST). A weapon’s attack speed changes the attack speed of the character and may influence things like whether a player goes first or last once the match starts or and the chance of attacking a second time. When Dual wielding, you might even get to attack four times!

Weapon Effects

Weapons can also have 0, 1, or 2 effects, which are things like piercing, accuracy, critical, stun, bleed, and poison. Do not be fooled, however, because having more or less of any given effect (or stat) doesn’t mean much by itself. For instance, the Giant Stone Axe is a 2-handed weapon that has high damage and two effects (critical, and break block) but is very slow and defenseless. This is compared to a knife and a shield with the block effect, or double dual wielding knives, which gets stats from both weapons being used! Effects are incredibly useful in creating unique fighters and will further your need to strategize against all types of players.


During a weapon’s minting it’s given random stat and effect numbers within a given range. This range can be effected by which type or rank a weapon is. However, all values have the same chance of appearing on a minted weapon, so the randomization is truly real! It’s worth noting, as well, that minted attributes stay fixed on the NFT of the weapon.

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